I’m a winner!




Do you ever have those days when you put an outfit together and you are just like “Yes WINNER!!!” because you look so great. What I like about this outfit is that the main colour isn’t black/grey. It was so nice to wear a dress as I have so many and I really don’t wear them enough.

As the jumper dress is oversized (I got it in a medium because I thought the small would be too short) I wore a belt to give the outfit some shape. It is still short but I don’t really mind.

Whilst I was out I started thinking about how my legs have always been the feature I criticised the most, yet it never stopped me wearing short dresses or skirts.  One thing that always bothered me was the bottom half of my legs being slightly twisted/bent. As I’ve gotten older I realised that it was just my own insecurities but nothing worth worrying about.


The boots I’m wearing with this outfit are ones I have had for ages so they don’t quite look their best. What I like about these boots is that they are actually practical for rain/snow and they are incredibly comfortable.



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