Thanks for giving me something to write about


Whether you made me laugh, smile, cry, think or feel hurt. I want to say thank you because without all of you I’m not so sure what I’d have been writing about for all these years.

I’m honestly don’t know how some people would feel if I told them I’ve written about them on my blog. Some of the people I’ve written about don’t even know I have a blog, so I think they would be pretty surprised.

I like to think of the pieces I write as creative writing, me expressing my emotions on situations in my life. Some of the things I always do are: never use peoples names, make it more about emotions than specific events and lastly I never write to be cruel or bitch about people.

XO lmg





The book that was relateable

wpid-img_20141119_201803.jpgThe reason I like this book so much is because it is non-fiction. It is actually the authors diary from when she was a teenager.

It’s based at the beginning of the 90’s when Rae is in her 2nd year of a-levels and exams are approaching. It was only this year that I was at college preparing for my a-level exams so and I could really relate to lots of what went on in the book.

The main character Rae has Anxiety and OCD which are both quite well known mental health conditions. Having anxiety myself it was nice to read about someone else my age who also has it.

The amazing thing about this book is that its real and it may have happened over 20 years ago but I guess that just shows that life hasn’t changed that much.

There is another book before this one called My Mad Fat Diary and they created a tv series on it and recently I found out they will be making a season 3 which I am beyond excited about.

Anyway this is definitely a book that I would recommend for everyone to read. Or if reading isn’t your thing then watch the tv series because that is also amazing and it made me laugh and cry.


XO lmg




Colour and shape



Just a simple top and skirt combo today. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time when taking the photos and this was the only one that turned out okay.

Anyway over the past couple of days I have found myself much busier than I have been in quite a while so I really haven’t had much chance to blog. I have a feeling that over the next couple weeks my free time will be very limited (but hopefully not).

I do have lots planned though and I can’t wait to share it all.


XO lmg


A/W Outerwear: Mens Blazer

wpid-img_20141118_093155-1.jpg wpid-img_20141118_092424-1.jpg

I got this blazer from a pop up shop in the city centre over a year ago and haven’t managed to wear it much.

I’m pretty lucky that this mens blazer fits me so well. In both of these looks I styled it unbuttoned because I have breasts and a small waist so it doesn’t look quite right! Also in both looks I have rolled up the cuffs to make it less formal and more casual.

The outfit on the left is a little androgynous whilst on the right I have styled the blazer in a more feminine way.

Even though this is a smart mens blazer it’s actually really easy to style in a way that makes it suitable for everyday wear.


XO lmg

A/W Outerwear: Statement blazer

wpid-img_20141118_091813-1.jpg wpid-img_20141118_091521-1.jpg

This is my first post in a little series I’m doing where I just show you how I style some of my coats and jackets. Enjoy!

I’ve had this blazer for a while but only worn it once before (with success might I add, the sales assistant in h&m complimented me).

In the outfit above I styled it with a skirt that has a sort of a-line shape. This helps create a (faint) hourglass shape as the blazer has wide shoulders and goes in at the waist slightly (when buttoned up).


XO lmg

Moments of vanity





I can’t deny that every now and then I have moments of vanity. A time when I love what I’m wearing,feel super confident and I find myself looking in the mirror a lot (probably a little too much!).


I always tend to feel at my best wearing outfits like this. They are easy to put together but still look a little smart. The skirt I’m wearing has its own shape which contrasts well with the top as it’s quite loose and doesn’t hold a specific shape (which actually makes it pretty versatile).


XO lmg