Organisation and new ideas

This is how I get things done as a blogger.

Writing things down

I think one of the best tips for blogging would be to write down ideas.

I have 2 note books that I use for blogging.

The first one is a diary with a section for each day where I write down what I’ll be posting each day. This helps me stay organised because whenever I go to work on a blog post I already have written down what I need to do.

The next book is one where I write down ideas for posts. This is really helpful for me because I post quite a lot.

wpid-img_20140930_170201.jpg —

Doing things in advance

Something that I like to do is schedule posts. I don’t do it all the time but I find it really helpful for when I know I’m going to be busy. Also even if I don’t schedule a post I’ll often half-plan a few posts  so that when I’m ready to post I can just go to the drafts section and choose.

Another super great idea that kind of follows on from that would be to take photos in advance. When I take my outfit photos its nothing fancy just in my bedroom in front of the window. For me its pretty easy to take photos for a bunch of outfits all in the same day if I’m not busy.


Inspiration and ideas

I like to come up with ideas when I’m washing-up. I have a set of things that I post regularly  so new ideas isn’t always a major issue. I have started planning 2 series that I’ll start posting in November, I haven’t started either of them yet though so I best get to it!

When it comes to outfits however I never want to just be posting the same old, same old. Over the past week or so I’ve been looking at books that show the main trends and styles of past decades. I’m thinking of doing an 80’s Power dressing inspired outfit soon.


This is the last post of my October themed posts but incase you missed the others:

Why I started daily blogging

Pros+Cons of daily blogging


XO lmg



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