Why I started blogging daily

Up until July 2014 I didn’t have a blogging schedule, I just fitted it in where I could. I never planned ahead and often found that when I had free time and logged onto WordPress I couldn’t think of what to post.

I follow llymlrs, Seth Godin and Black on black gorg who all blog daily (pretty much). I admired how they managed to come up with something new every day and still maintain great content.

I didn’t ever think it would be something I could do myself though until I read something on Seth Godins blog. Reading his blog posts make me feel motivated and inspired to work hard and challenge myself. I recommend his blog to anyone interested in marketing or if you just want a really cool blog to read.

So when I finished college I decided that I would try out blogging daily for myself in July. It isn’t as difficult as I envisioned it would be and I enjoy it so much that I haven’t stopped since.



XO lmg



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