My everyday face



A few weeks ago I was reading a blog post on The Beauty Linguist and it was a how much is my face worth tag and she tagged me to do it which was really nice of her.

However I wasn’t sure whether or not to do it because I don’t really wear much makeup but in the end I decided to give it a go.


 So I begin with Carmex on my lips which costs about £2.


I then go on to apply liquid eyeliner, I use Collection Fast Stroke eyeliner which costs £2.99. I apply it just as it looks on the piece of paper


Then to do my brows I use the Collection Eyebrow kit which costs £3.99 and comes with 3 brow powders a double ended brush for application and a clear brow mascara to set your brows in place. I use the darkest powder to fill my brows then the lightest shade to highlight my brow bone, if I can be bothered. I also use the darkest shade for the outer 1/3 of my bottom lash line.


Then lastly a Rimmel lipstick called Starry Eyed which costs £4.99, I mostly tend to just dab it on as I don’t want the colour on my lips to be too strong.

All together that comes to just under £14

Lastly I apologize for not adding a picture at the end, I did have one but then I had to remove it from the post because I looked…

…not so fantastic!

Thanks for reading


XO lmg




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