September roundup: Wandering, writing and reading

September turned out nothing like I thought would have but it was pretty good towards the end. Anyway I thought I’d just share some stuff from Pinterest to round-up last month.

Can you believe its already October!!!

Aaaaah... reading in the park, best way to spend a sunny day! by Miles Hyman

2012 version of Puberty Blues as a TV series = brilliant!

500 Greatest Albums of All Time: The Stone Roses, 'The Stone Roses' | Rolling Stone all the voice people  say i'm talking to are just people i wrote about...which are in my i guess i am talking to the voices in my head, but you never know maybe I made a book character after you, so then I'm really talking to you in my head...YES.


I think it's important to take a small vacation maybe once or twice a year, reflect on your life and set some goals you'd like to accomplish in the near future. it takes a long time to finally figure out who you are as a person & what you really want out of life.

Some people don't come with a clear definition and are often misunderstood. They are different and undefinable.

Images via Pinterest


Lastly I discovered the blog Zoe London and it is honestly so amazing that I wouldn’t believe you if you didn’t like it, so check it out!


XO lmg


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