Primark mini haul

So the last time I was in the city centre I decided to head into Primark. Now I want to begin by saying I’m not a big Primark lover but I have noticed that over the past couple years there designs have gotten better. However I don’t think the quality of some of there items is amazing so I’m pretty cautions when shopping there and I do tend to look over the stitching and stuff.


First up I got a patterned swing dress for £5,they had a big rack with lots of dresses of the same price,  including a blue and purple floral drop waist dress that I was tempted to buy. 

wpid-img_20140822_163218.jpg wpid-img_20140822_163244.jpg

The next thing I got was this little backpack for £8. I really liked quite a lot of the bags in Primark, they had lots of different styles at great prices. However, some of the bags are nice to look at but on closer inspection they aren’t as fantastic. 

The thing about it though is Primark is the shop that comes to mind when I think ‘Junk Fashion’, it’s like the place to shop if you want things for only a season. Like it’s ok to pay £5 for a semi-decent quality dress because you’ll just throw it away soon after.

I know it might come across slightly contradictory as I do shop there occasionally but those are just my thoughts. Also I’m not saying everything there is bad quality as it isn’t, some of the things are perfectly fine.

XO lmg


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