August updates #3


I feel as though the past few days I’ve been struggling a little with blog posts. It can be hard blogging daily because I’m constantly having to come up with new things, all the time. I’ve still been posting but I haven’t felt as though I have much to say,which is unusual for me. Luckily today I’ve gotten my inspiration back so I’ve been able to start prepping some of next weeks posts. 

I haven’t done any sewing for while but I’m planning to do a reverse appliqué soon. I haven’t decided on the pattern yet but I’m thinking geometric, in neutral tones and one bold colour like fushia. Textiles is something I’ve always enjoyed since I was about 10 years old when I first learnt to hand embroider in primary school.

Lastly on the agenda is me being meat-free. I actually don’t miss eating meat and I thought I would but I’ve gained a much greater liking for vegetables. I only planned to experiment with being vegetarian for the month of august but I’m now considering keeping it up for longer.

Thanks for reading,


XO lmg




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