Don’t hide from the world

Hey, Happy Sunday (or possibly Monday)!

Over the past week I was thinking about the reason why I blog. I realised that we as bloggers (pretty much) all blog for the same reason; because we believe that we have something worth sharing. Whether it’s outfits, recipes, inspiration or advice their are millions of us around the world dedicating time to putting stuff out there for potentially the whole world to see.

Sometimes I can be quite shy about my blog but I’m also really proud but over the past couple months I’ve gotten so much more confident. Part of my confidence came with time but I think a lot of it came from other bloggers because they don’t hide away.

So “Thank You” for inspiring me 🙂


XO Gemela


p.s. Gemela is my real name. Should I make XO Gemela a thing?

p.p.s. Or shall I stick with XO lmg




2 thoughts on “Don’t hide from the world

  1. What a great post! I just followed you to stay updated on your future posts and I look forward to them. I recently started my own personal blog, so feel free to check out my profile where you’ll find my blog and social media sites.

    Have a great day 😀

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