August: Creativity, daily-blogging and being meat-free

My theme for this month is creativity. I’m not yet sure how I’ll be translating it into the weekly posts but I’ll come up with something.


I think that creativity is a big part of self-expression which is what my blog is all about. I used to be so scared of sharing my creative interests because I always worried about not being good at them. However when it comes down to it what’s important is what it means to me.

For example I love to write, I do it every single day. Its not something I’m particularly good at but I never needed to be because my attachment to it spans from it being a coping mechanism.


  • This month I’m  going to be a vegetarian, I did it in January and found that I was so much healthier when I didn’t eat meat.
  • I think I’m going to continue with blogging daily because even though it can be difficult,  its definitely worth it.


XO lmg



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