Emulating the hourglass



Today was pretty chilled spent painting my bedroom whilst listening to The Jezabels. I’ve been having a lot of chilled days lately which isn’t that great as I need to be a little more productive with my time.

Anyway this outfit consisted of a black basic bodycon dress which was from h&m. I haven’t worn it for ages as I don’t really like the bodycon style anymore. Over the top of the black dress I’m wearing a top from Next which was my Mothers. Its floral and the material is like chiffon but a bit thicker. I wore a belt at the waist because I like emulating the hourglass figure



There I am pulling a silly face because I thought I looked fly!

That’s it for today but Seth Godin did a really good post called Doing the hard things on his blog a couple days ago, and I think you might like it as much as I did (if you click and happen to not like it let me know!)

Now I’m going to go back to reading Great Expectations by Dickens 🙂


XO lmg



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