Favourite bloggers

Hey you!

For this weeks favourites post I decided to share a few of my favourite blogs ever!

I’d really like for you to check out at least one them, you just might find a new favourite blog 🙂

Seth Godin

I admire Seth Godin very much. He’s a blogger, works in marketing and writes books. Godin is also the reason I decided to start daily blogging as it’s something that he does. The reason I like his blog so much is because I learn something new everyday. Also I emailed him and he responded which was so nice of him and unexpected.

The next 2 blogs are similar as they are both mainly style blogs that also include some life stuff aswell.

Regally Blonde

I’ve been following this blog for ages and I still like it as much as I did then. Her style is very chic and totally different from mine but I still use her outfit posts for inspiration sometimes. I really like the photography on her blog as well and also her style of writing as it’s always interesting to read.


I’ve been following her blog pretty much from the start and her blog just continues to get better. Her blog is one of my favourites because she wears outfits that I would wear, she blogs daily even though she has a busy life and I always look forward to reading the next post.


Here are some of the other blogs I follow:



Dianas book

Into the soulshine

I’ve got cake



That’s it for this post, thanks for reading!


XO lmg



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