When reading feels like magic

Do you ever feel like that when you come across a really good book?

Its happened to me many times. As my eyes are in full focus taking in the words page by page, the scene unfolds in my mind like a movie (but so much better). I become invested in the characters good and bad, I feel empathy for the things they go through. I get inspired by the authors hoping that one day I can write something that effects someone the way their words have effected me. Sometimes it makes me want to meet the author to merely thank them, sadly my liking for the classics makes it impossible,more often than not. Charles Dickens is an author I’m particularly fond of because his words have the power to evoke emotion in me. Last year I read Nicholas Nicklby and it brought me to tears.

Another author I want to mention is Seth Godin, I read Free Prize Inside earlier this year and was totally and completely changed. Godin has given me a totally new perspective and despite the fact that he works in marketing, I find his words very much relatable. After reading his book I went online to find out more about him and found that he also has a blog, which I’m subscribed to. Lastly I sent him an email (I guess you could call it fan-mail) and he actually replied. I was so shocked and happy at the same, it was an amazing feeling knowing that the man I admire so much had read the words I wrote for him and actually responded.

I’m currently reading The misinterpretation of Tara Jupp by Eva Rice, the characters are amazing and once again, it feel like magic.

Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday!


XO lmg


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