Life snippets: July’s theme

When I first started SotL I used to do snippets of the month posts. They included what I’d been up to for that month and some of my current favourite things.

I stopped doing them as I didn’t enjoy making them after a while. I think it was because I found it difficult to structure them in a way that created regularity, so they often ended up a bit of a mess.

Last month I actually thought about starting up Snippets of the month again (as I know I now have the time to plan them properly), this is how I came up with July’s theme: Favourites.

Each week there will be a different focus: Tv, music, style and blogs.

I’m looking forward to ‘Favourites July’ as I think its quite a fun and chilled theme in comparison to some of the other ones I’ve chosen.

I’ll be posting the first one of the month in about a week.

XO lmg


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