Updates + what’s to come :-)

Hello, I hope your day is going well.

I just wanted to let you know about some of what’s to come and give you an update.

  • I changed my blog theme.
  • I have almost finished my nail art series so hopefully I can get round to sharing that with you very soon.
  • I have decided from July onwards I am going to start (almost) daily blogging.
  • I will be sharing not only more outfits but also more general fashion related content.
  • The style series I had planned isn’t happening anymore.
  • However I still want to do a style series so I’ve gone back to planning. I think it will be based on trends.
  • My twitter is now @lmg_Sotl so free to follow me.
  • I am beyond excited for Keke Palmers talk show ‘Just Keke’, which starts today!
  • After talking an unintentional break, I’m slowly getting back into regular exercise and continuing to improve on my healthy eating habits.

I think that’s everything, thanks for stopping by.

Be sure to come back tomorrow and everyday after that for something new or (to make it easier) just click follow on the side bar to get my new posts straight to your inbox.


XO lmg



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