lmg June: My style

Photo0054_e1 wpid-IMG_20140212_154750-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140313_131655-2.jpgwpid-IMG_20140213_192528.jpg wpid-IMG_20140227_142555-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140315_120847-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140321_074658-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140322_131111-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140328_075923-1.jpg wpid-photogrid_1398151425357.jpg wpid-collage_20140523065505013.jpg

I’d define my style as casual, I’m not ‘stylish’ or ‘trendy’ but I like to have fun with it. Black, grey and blue are my wardrobe essentials but I also love to add pops of colour or patterns.

I’ve always dressed in a way that expresses myself. The way you feel will always effect the way you dress and vice versa.

If you have a fashion/style blog, leave me a link in the comments.

That’s it for this post, thanks for reading!

XO lmg


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