lmg June: Becoming lmg pt 2

If you missed part 1 click here.

Somehow by the time I started college things started to change, and I didn’t realise how much, until about 6 months ago. I became more self-confident, I learnt to accept myself, I made lots of new friends, I stopped thinking I wasn’t good at anything and I began to feel that sense of  belonging. Now I take pride in the fact that I’m very different to a lot of people. The thing I used to dislike about myself is now the thing I love most.

LMG used to stand for little miss gemm which was the name of my old blog. However now lmg is more of a concept it stands for me being completely myself. Blogging definitely helped me a lot.

I decided to share all this with you because it’s a snippet of this life I’m living. I don’t feel the need to hold it in because everybody goes through hard times. Finally after about 6/7 years I’m not scared to talk about it. I see this blog as a place of self-expression where I can be honest and truthful and don’t have to hold back on anything.

Thank you,

XO lmg


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