I had planned a fantastic spring outfit for a lunch and a movie, sadly though I live in England and the fact that it was almost the end of May meant nothing. I woke up to rain, wind and clouds. I ended up just wearing black jeans and a black tee.wpid-img_20140528_184102-1.jpgI had painted my nails orange (Sally Hansen, Man-go Team!) in hope of them contrasting with the blue dress I planned to wear but they ended up contrasting with my coat instead.

Anyway I the film I went to see was Maleficent. Honestly I really wasn’t a big fan of the movie, it was easy to watch but felt like something was missing.

Whilst watching it I felt as if there was one main focus and everything else was insignificant even if it was dramatic.

Also I didn’t have a particular liking for any of the characters which is essential for me to actually like a movie.

Overall I found it tame, I wasn’t gripped in the slightest.

Perhaps I only hold these opinions as my film preferences sway towards action/thriller/comedy/romance.


XO lmg



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