Lover of lace


There was a time when I wouldn’t have worn this outfit, just the mere thought of it would have made me wince. I’d have worried that my stomach wasn’t flat enough, my thighs were too big and I would walk around with constant fear of what other people thought of the way I was dressed.

I feel like as I’ve gotten older,  I’m more confident with the way I dress. It’s actually a really great feeling because now I’m not as restricted with what I wear and I can be more experimental.


I must admit that these shorts have definitely grown on me. I still think they are super short and I doubt I’ll ever wear them without tights or leggings, but I must admit that I like them a lot.

I paired the shorts with black leggings a black crop top and my lace tee. I feel like the high neckline of the lace tee provides some modesty even though you can see right through it, but I would have felt naked without it.

I really liked this outfit and felt comfortable wearing it.  I threw on a navy oversized shirt just in case I got a little cold or I felt like covering up!

XO lmg



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