AoK May: Week 1

So the past week I’ve been practising kindness. For me doing this Acts of Kindness theme its not about grand gestures and it’s not about expecting anything in return (that would be a selfish type of kindness). Its about making a conscious effort to be kinder when you can.

Something as small as a compliment to someone you don’t usually compliment might be seen as insignificant in one point of view but on the other side telling someone that they ‘look nice today’ might make them feel good about themselves especially if they are the sort of person that doesn’t get compliments on their appearance often. Of course you have to ensure the compliment is genuine otherwise it’s rather cruel.

Here’s a few examples of things I did (they’re not particularly major so I hope no one is thinking ‘lame!’ or ‘what a cop-out!’) :

-Helping my dad bring in the shopping, when usually I would just sit around and he’d end up asking me to do it.

-Complimenting a boy on his sweater- I did genuinely like it! I think he was actually surprised that I’d noticed and made the effort to point it out.

-Bringing in other peoples dinner plates.

-Helping someone in class who was a little stuck but I knew they wouldn’t ask me for help.

So that’s it for this week I hope you enjoyed it!

And always remember ‘No act of kindness ,no matter how small is ever wasted.’


XO lmg


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