Go-getter April: Week 3

Hello and welcome to week 3!!!

I’m currently sitting in my conservatory all warm and snug with a blanket, listening to the sound of the rain.

So, the past week I have been trying out persistence- the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.

I think its a key quality for anyone trying to be a go-getter. In life going after the thing that you want is rarely going to be easy, but its having the persistence to keep going that makes you all the more grateful.

Its think it’s difficult to truly appreciate something you haven’t worked for. I’m sure you can think of at least 1 thing, for me it would be some of my GCSE grades.

In my classes at 6th form I’ve met people who I relate to in the fact that we find it difficult in comparison to the majority. I  always like to try and encourage or help these people if I can.  I just quite like talking to people and once I get to know a person, I always want them to do well. Also I think that its because I believe that every person has the potential to be great.

I admire all those old scientists like Isaac newton, Robert Hooke and Thomas Edison. The great things that they did make them seem like so much more than ‘just people like us’.

My Week 3 message: you have the potential to be great, all you need is persistence.


XO lmg


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