Closet Inspiration

So I’m currently in the process of organising my wardrobe for the spring and summer,which means packing up my winter clothes for storage and taking out my summer dresses and some other bits and pieces.

It got me thinking about my ideal wardrobe. I’ve always liked the idea of having a dressing room full of all my clothes shoes and accessories with a full length mirror.


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Bromeliad: Closet inspiration - organizing shoes and purses - Fashion and home decor DIY and inspiration

Concepts in wardrobe design. Storage ideas, hardware for wardrobes, sliding wardrobe doors, modern wardrobes, traditional armoires and walk-in wardrobes. Closet design and dressing room ideas.


So these are just a few closets that I like which I found via Pinterest, the perfect site for creative inspiration!

XO lmg



3 thoughts on “Closet Inspiration

  1. Oh ma GAWD! Totally love your pictures. Wish I could have a closet like this. I actually went to Ikea and bought a wardrobe closet. Its perfect! But i dabbled with the idea of having a rolling rack in my room, and a view other things besides doing a cliche dresser. Great Ideas doll! Cant wait to see what you come up with!

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