Spring Chills

wpid-IMG_20140322_130726-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140322_130755-1.jpg

I wore this outfit at the weekend when I spent the afternoon on my local high street shopping. When I started getting ready the sun was out and it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day.

My outfit started off with these jeans, which you have probably seen a few times before, from Dorothy Perkins. I paired it with a baggy grey sweater that I tucked in because I love tucking things in.

wpid-IMG_20140322_131214-1.jpg wpid-IMG_20140322_131111-1.jpg

I then added a piece of jewellery around my wrist from usc, I got it a while back and I just think its such a pretty piece. I chose to wear my little red bag because it added a nice pop of colour.

wpid-IMG_20140322_132227-1.jpg   wpid-IMG_20140322_132213-1.jpg   wpid-IMG_20140322_132243-1.jpg

Unfortunately, as I was getting ready to leave I noticed that the weather had taken a turn for the worse. It had now become rather chilly, the grey clouds that had gathered meant rain was on its way.

So I ended up putting on my much loved blue toggled coat!

XO lmg



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