Life Snippets: Lessons Learnt

I decided to be reflective and note some of the lessons I’ve learnt over the past week.

  • Just because others don’t share your point of view it doesn’t mean your feelings aren’t justifiable.
  • Dismissing your feelings to avoid confrontation may seem easier initially but when you end up harbouring negativity, it’s not so good.
  • If you put the same amount of effort into the subjects that you find most difficult as you do into the ones you like, greatness is possible.
  • Sometimes life will be spontaneous, but you can’t control it, you just have to roll with it.
  • Going to sleep in a bad mood is not good for you and should be avoided at all costs.

And that’s it!

Hope your Monday has been a good one, mine was was filled with laughter 🙂


XO lmg



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