Writers March: Week 1

Hello and welcome to week 1 of ‘Writers March’.

I’ve been thinking all week ‘what should I write about?’

I knew I wanted to write about something personal but I also didn’t want to make it like the kind of thing I write in my journal-as that’s just TMI!

This week I learnt a lot about the people I call my friends, I also learnt a lot about myself which I will be sharing in a life snippets post.

But for now I want to share with you what I wrote this morning.

Friends are just people like us,

With imperfections and perfections,

Not for us to change or control but for us to accept.

If you find that that’s too hard,

That all you see are imperfections,

That’s ok, that’s life.

Sometimes it only takes reflection to clear your blurred vision,

Now you see things as they are.

This piece was inspired me having some friendship troubles. 

I really like the last 2 lines because I think they sort of sum up what I wanted the piece as a whole.

I’m quite pleased with it as a and even though this week has been a little rough, I feel as though something good has come out of it.

So what did you think?

Let me know your thoughts.

XO lmg


3 thoughts on “Writers March: Week 1

  1. Wow, I guess I kinda needed this right now. I’ve been going through these troubles as well and sometimes it gets really hard to keep your head straight and see things for what they really are. I agree with you, last two lines do actually sums up all thats troubling me !
    I hope everything works out for you. LOve, Zee 🙂

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