Her trash is my treasure!

One of the things I love about having 2 older sisters is I don’t have to spend so much money on new clothes because I get there old ones. A lot of the things I get from them tend to be things I wouldn’t buy for myself (but still like) because we all have quite different senses of style.

Anyway a couple of days ago my mom tells me my sister has a bag full of clothes she doesn’t want anymore, I looked through and picked out some things to keep.

wpid-IMG_20140301_124238-1.jpgFirst up this dress which I really like and I think it fitted me nicely. I really like the detailing with the black strips as I think it gives the impression of structure.

wpid-IMG_20140301_124415-1.jpgNext this cotton top which definitely isn’t something I would have ever bought myself but I decided to keep it as I think it will be interesting to see how I end up styling it.

wpid-IMG_20140301_124813-1.jpgLastly, a black wrap skirt. When I saw it my first thought was no way is my sister throwing this out so I actually took it back to her to make sure. Turns out she really didn’t want it which meant it was mine (YAY!). I think it’s such a nice piece and I can’t wait to wear it.

Thanks for reading,

XO lmg  


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