Polo neck + Mini skirt



I’m back with another outfit post for you. I wore this outfit yesterday when I went out shopping with my best friend.


I’m wearing a black polo-neck top, with a floral print mini skirt, I added a thick belt around my waist as I usually do and black leggings from h&m to keep my legs warm. I added a short sleeved long cardigan over the top for extra warmth- its still pretty cold here in England!


I really liked this outfit and it was comfortable to wear which was necessary, as I was out for most of day. The skirt is quite old from peacocks and it was my sisters but she didn’t want it any more, so I took it because I love the print on it and the colours.

wpid-IMG_20140221_114426-1.jpgHere is the bag I carried with me I got it from peacocks a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday was the first time I wore it and I think it went well with my outfit as my skirt also has red on it.

I had such a good day yesterday with my bestie as usual. I bought a couple of things which I will share with you over the next couple of days.

XO lmg


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