Expressive February: Week 2


Over the past week since I’ve decided to make some changes to my blog I actually considered not bothering with ‘Expressive February’, but then I thought I ought to finish what I started, so here I am with week 2.

This past week I spent more time than usual hanging out with one of my guy friends group of friends. They’re really chilled and easy to get long with. When it comes to expressing myself around them its effortless and I think that sometimes their surprised at the things I say when I speak my mind .

So in the time I spent hanging around with these guys I was called:

-‘A lad’, to this I responded ‘what girl would want to be called a lad by guys???’ they then assured me it had nothing to do with being a guy. Basically they think I’m really cool.

– Funny, which I take as a compliment because I know how much I love it when people make me laugh.

– Lastly, ‘a Lion’, because of my attitude but when hanging out with a group of guys its totally necessary.*

Before I end the post I want to leave you with a song that goes with this months theme perfectly.

Salt N Pepa- Expression


XO lmg

*Please note even though I was called a Lion, I’m not some majorly ferocious girl, I’m pretty tame!


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