Dressed to impress

wpid-IMG_20140211_203516.jpg I wore this outfit on Monday when I went to college. I’m wearing a black 3/4  sleeve bodycon dress, a acid wash denim vest and a skirt that is fully sheer as I cut off the black under-layer but its all good because of the dress underneath. To finish it off I added a belt at my waist because I think it finished off the outfit well and I think its a good contrast with a defined waistline and then the oversized denim vest on top.

I actually got the dress from Primark a few months ago but when I got home and tried it on it was way too short (in my opinion) and the fit of it wasn’t so good. Monday was actually the first time I’ve worn it but I was pleased with how the look turned out.

So when I was at college in Textiles class my friend told me I looked really nice, she then asked me who I was trying to impress. Being me I laughed then tried to deny that it had anything too do with a guy but she didn’t believe me (she’s much more observant than I realised!)

Generally for college I dress very casual but this week I just wanted to make more of an effort because I’m trying to experiment more with my style but also if I bump into a certain someone I want to look ‘en pointe’.  


XO lmg


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