Expressive February: Week 1

So the first week of February is o-v-e-r.

It really is true that time flies, not so so sure that it has anything to do with how much fun your having though as this week was not the greatest.

But lets not dwell on the bad times, lets get onto how this week has been in terms of my expressiveness!

If your new to my blog you might be thinking ‘what is this girl on about?’

So I’ll just give you a little recap:

I decided that my blog/life theme for February would to be to challenge myself to be more expressive in every way.


What does it mean to be expressive?



Effectively conveying thought or feeling.


I’m the kind of person that tends to hide my feeling, quite alot.

This past week I think that I’ve learnt that its easier for me to express myself one on one rather than in a group. I’ve found that their is much less pressure.

This week when I was hanging out with a group of friends/acquaintances I noticed that when I was having a conversation with one of them I wasn’t holding back. I was being expressive but I also realised that if I was having that same conversation with the group I wouldn’t have said as much.


Ok so I was just looking for the opposite of expressive to use to describe myself, so I could say

‘I’m not expressive I’m (insert antonym of expressive here)’.

Looking on the online thesaurus, this is what I got: expressionless, inexpressive, passive and undemonstrative.

Right now I’m actually pulling a face, I really don’t like any of those words.

I was thinking I’m more elusive (I really like that word), maybe.

I don’t want to be a bore and make this post too long so I’ll wrap it up.

For a summary of the week I’ll declare that its been alright, I’ve learnt some things about myself and I’m definitely looking forward to the week ahead.



XO lmg


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