Life Snippets: Outfits and Nails

wpid-IMG_20140205_103621-1.jpg Yesterdays outfit that I wore when I went into college to do textiles work.

wpid-IMG_20140203_111426-1.jpg  Mondays outfit that I wore for my first exam of the week.

wpid-IMG_20140205_101502.jpgwpid-IMG_20140205_101526.jpg This is what’s currently on my nails, Marine blue, Rimmel London.

wpid-IMG_20140129_141400.jpgThis is how I had my nails last week, you cant tell from the photo but the colour I used under the black was Runway Pearl, Revlon.

 wpid-IMG_20140205_101425.jpg Just a little something I planned to wear yesterday but I ended up changing my mind. The scarf is quite old from Primark but its great for adding a pop of colour to a dull outfit.

XO lmg


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