Vegetarian January: Week 2

Hey there thanks for joining me for ‘Vegetarian January: Week 2’, if you missed last weeks post click here.

So here’s a summary of the past week:

It hasn’t been difficult this week, I guess I’ve gotten used to not eating meat. 

If I’m totally honest I’ve been pretty lazy this week in the fact that a lot of the time I’ve just eaten what everyone else is eating without the meat but with extra vegetables.

Also I’m at the halfway point which is pretty great and I guess I’m proud of myself.

Now if you read last weeks post you’ll know that I was worried I wasn’t getting enough protein, but this past week I’ve been feeling much better and energetic.

My main sources of protein: cashews, peanuts, kidney beans, baked beans, cheddar cheese, egg, milk.


My goal for the next week is to try and be more adventurous with what I eat. Hopefully next week I’ll have some photos to share with you (sorry I didn’t have any for this week).


Sites I used:

If you enjoyed this post your in luck, i’ll be doing another one next week! 😮

XO lmg


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