Vegetarian January: Week 1

So here’s a summary of the past week:

I was worried about potentially getting symptoms of protein deficiency.

I then remembered a story my dad told me about an acquaintance who went vegetarian and he ended up with sunken eyes and trousers hanging from his waist- not exactly an encouraging visual.

This week hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. I think the most difficult part is that everyone else is eating meat so at times I have felt a bit left out. On the other hand I’m happy because I’ve been eating way more vegetables than I usually would and I’m hoping its a habit I keep even after the month is up.


Since yesterday, I have been feeling quite anxious, stressed and tired. My whole body generally has been feeling a little off balance.

I’m thinking maybe I am experiencing symptoms of protein deficiency, so of course I Googled it and found a really great site*.

Of all the symptoms I’ve experienced: general weakness, difficulty sleeping and anxiety.

So I’m going to try and ensure for the following weeks that I get enough protein.


SnackCucumber slices for a snack.

Snack 2Cucumber slices with hot pepper sauce**.

lmg-pic-0163Mexican flavoured mixed vegetables which included: baby corn, green beans, red kidney beans, onions and sweet peppers.

So that’s it for this post I’ll be doing them every week in January so look out 🙂


**Hot pepper sauce made from scotch bonnets and habanero peppers is not to be taken lightly!!!

XO lmg


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