Vegetarian January: Week 4!

Hey, isn’t it crazy how quickly this month has gone by. I feel like it was just last week that I posted my first Vegetarian January post.

This past week has been great and at times not so great but that actually has nothing to do with what I’ve been eating.

I feel like this last week has gone by so quickly and I’m actually a little nervous to start eating meat again after going so long without it.

What I’ve learnt over the past month is that its not the meat that’s a necessity it’s the protein. I feel like last year meat was an essential part of the meals I ate but now I’m so good without it.

I’ve really come to love being vegetarian over the weeks even though it was challenging to start with.

This month wasn’t just about not eating meat it was also about improving my diet by cutting out excessive sugary snacks and eating more vegetables.

I used to snack on sweets A LOT, like I swear I was addicted. Now I snack on fruit, salad and nuts and I love it. It makes me feel so good when I’m eating a banana instead of a chocolate bar or cucumber instead of biscuits.

I really hope that next month my eating habits continue to get better and that I don’t revert back to old ways.

I don’t want to go on too much but lastly I just want to thank you as a reader, for taking an interest in my Vegetarian January posts. Thanks to all those who read, liked and commented on posts. Also thanks to those who read these posts and decided to follow my blog.

I’m actually a little sad January is almost over, but its been good.


XO lmg


Daily Snippets: According to him


I can’t help but like him.

He’s cute, funny and friendly.

According to him I’m ‘sarcastic’ and ‘awkward’.

But his words were not uttered with cruel intent,

but with ‘those’ eyes ‘that’ smile, which had me in a trance.


XO lmg




Daily Snippets: 2 guys in one week!

If your thinking what I  know you might be thinking get your mind out the gutter!

Basically this week 2 of my guy friends shared something quite personal with me.

I wont tell you what they said but it made me really happy that they could confide in me and made me realise that I can also confide in them.

It’s been a great week!


XO lmg


Vegetarian January: Week 3

Hey, if your new to this series here’s week 1 and week 2.

This weeks been good, I think I can say I have fully adjusted to being vegetarian. For weeks 1 and 2 there were times when I was just clueless about what to eat, I wasn’t getting enough protein or I’d feel like I was missing out when the rest of my family was eating meat.

I think the best thing about this past week is that I’ve been eating alot healthier. I’ve probably been eating twice as much fruit and veg than I usually would and I’ve been enjoying it.

Also I usually eat a lot of sugary snacks but the past week that habit has gotten kicked to the kerb (hopefully it stays there)!

I’ve been feeling really energetic and in a great mood.

Lastly I’ve been drinking much more water its having a very good effect on my skin.


wpid-IMG_20140119_210304.jpg A totally delicious apple pastry.

wpid-IMG_20140120_181231.jpgThis is egg-fried rice with kidney beans, onion and carrot.

That’s it for week 3, next week is the final weekly post but I’ll do a final summary of the month on the 31st.

XO lmg

What do you want to be? part3

Hello 🙂

Before I get started I just want to apologise for not posting this yesterday. By the time I’d gotten home, made my dinner, did chores and homework I was really tired and didn’t get round to blogging.

Here are the links to part1 and part2.


The thought of being 18 and out in the big wide world is scary but also exciting.

Sometimes I sit and think about my future: my career, my friends, my experiences, my boyfriend, where I’ll live…

When I began typing up my answer to the question ‘What do you want to be?’ I only planned to write a sentence or two but as I got typing my brain started whizzing with thoughts and I wanted to share them with you.

So after all this I still haven’t reached a specific answer.

I want to be a pioneer, an innovator, inspiration and HAPPY (I know its kind of cheesy but I haven’t mentioned it at all which is pretty surprising).

And that is what I want to be,what can I say I’m a clueless 17 year old with big dreams, high hopes and millions of thoughts to share…


XO lmg

What do you want to be? part2

Hey there,

If you missed part 1 click here.

University has never really appealed to me, their was a short time when everyone else was applying that I thought maybe I ought to jump on the bandwagon. Honestly I feel like I’m not ready for Uni right now, but maybe in a few years I’ll be ready.

My plan is to do an apprenticeship (I haven’t decided in what field though???). I know you might be thinking ‘errr really…’, Apprenticeships get a lot of slack: ‘a cheap poole of labour’, employees in false consciousness to their exploitation, easy to hire and fire, pointless qualifications, long hours low pay (and the list goes on)…

Its not true for all apprenticeships (that’s all I’m going to comment, as if I go into any more detail, this post is going to turn into a very looooong essay!)

The kind of apprentice I’m looking for is:

  • In my city (unless they provide accommodation, as I won’t be able to afford to move away from home).
  • Lasts for at least 2 years but preferably 3 or 4 (I like the idea of planning out the next few years of my life and I’m not a big fan of spontaneity).
  • A higher apprenticeship (they require A levels which I’ll have completed in a few months).
  • One that on completion will leave me with good experience or even a job and a qualification respected by other employers.


Tommorow I’ll be posting the last section: ‘What do you want to be? part3’


XO lmg