Presents, shopping and going vegetarian!

Christmas day was OK, I guess I’m just not that into it really.

I was super happy with the presents I got though, especially the Sewing machine- “Thanks, Dad!”.

My Christmas Presents


Sewing Machine






+ a few other little things


On Boxing day me and my sister went sales shopping,  the city centre was crazy busy, so much in fact that people had to queue outside Next and Hollister.

I got things from h&m and New Look which I will show you in another post.


Which brings me to today.

Its been a pretty chilled day the most productive thing I’ve done is maths revision (past papers), which I quite like sort-of.

Anyway I cant believe that in 5 days it will be 2014.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I’ve decided that for the whole of January I’m not going to eat any meat. I’ve thought about becoming vegetarian before but I just experiment first.

I think it will be a great way to start the new year and hopefully I’ll become a little healthier as currently I eat too much protein and not enough fibre/fruit + vegetables.

I’ll probably do a weekly journal sort of thing to share with you how my vegetarian January is going.

That’s it for now, but there is so much more to come…


XO lmg



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