A little bit of a catch up…

So for the past month or so I seem to be inadvertently blogging on and off which is really frustrating for me as that was never my intention when I created this blog.

I think sometimes I just find it hard to balance: college, homework, my social life, volunteering, relaxing and blogging along with all the other things I like to spend my time doing.

Anyway, life’s been pretty good over the past few days but today was particularly a good one. Over the past month or so I have been getting to know a male acquaintance, I guess I’d probably say we were friends now. He is such a nice person and I really enjoy spending time with him. I actually did a daily snippets post about him called: I like him because.

I just re-remembered that this is my first post in December and its not even slightly Christmas related, I few probably do a few fun Christmas posts (hopefully). I’m also planning to do a post on how I’m feeling about Christmas this year- If you wanna know more stay tuned!

Anyway that’s it for now, thanks for reading 🙂

XO lmg



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