The girl that missed the bus

So this morning I left for college (a little later than I should have) with a spring in my step. There I was speed walking down the road, as I didn’t want to miss the bus-but unfortunately for me, I did  😦

I’m blaming The Carrie Diaries, I spent way too much time watching it this morning. I’m so excited for season 2 it starts 25th October– I think?

Anyway after the bus had  passed me by, I trudged back home with diminished spirits. It would be at least 20 minutes until the next bus and I had actually forgotten my graphical calculator for maths (so maybe missing the bus was a blessing in disguise).

I then made my way back to the bus stop hoping I wouldn’t be late.

No such luck.

I arrived 10 minutes after class had begun, I think I need to work on my punctuality.


XO lmg


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