How my good day became not so good

So today was a pretty good day at college for me, up until the end of the day when I saw someone I hoped (unrealistically) to avoid for the whole  of second year.

As soon as I got home I just felt erugh, its difficult to explain but all I felt like doing was putting on comfy clothes, my pink fluffy socks and eating  cake (preferably chocolate my favourite). Which is exactly  what I did minus the cake as their was none at home, much to my dismay 😦

Seeing him again made me kind of sad.

The only good thing is that when I feel like this somehow I end up being able to write poetry (of the romantic variety).

You may think I’m super weird but yes, when I’m feeling sad I write poetry.

Right now I’m thinking something about a charming Gentleman and a beautiful Lady.


XO lmg


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